Hi for all 27 of you that read this blog – thanks – this is the last entry for a while.

I need to regather my strength and enthusiasm after a year of struggle

The screening of the film at the Curzon Soho has been cancelled by them, with an indeterminate promise of a reschedule.

I am ending this blog as all my attempts to get this film to a wider audience via the film and TV industry have failed, it maybe because it’s a crap film – though you’ll never know – I may release the whole movie online at some point….


So I couldn’t think of anything to write over Christmas so i didn’t ….but it’s new year and I feel I ought to try.

damn it’s cold …..really cold, like , I spilt some water on the garden path and it froze as it hit the ground. I have decided to keep the Christmas tree for the rest of the year – with it’s decor of crows feathers and rose petals, lights and baubles it looks nice so I’ll keep it at least till I am bored by its niceness and then I’ll plant it in the botanical gardens at night – kind of urban flora attack. Still blundering into walls with the film as the powers that be think it’s not redemptive enough (wtf…!) There’s the screening at the Curzon cinema in London on the 25th that may well be the only time it’s ever seen in this country. Ah t’was ever thus the outcast artist etc etc …. I am going to post a picture of the Xmas tree ….one day …probably around July.

This is used to attach new leaves to the trees in spring ....

This is used to attach new leaves to the trees in spring ....

Meanwhile heres a photo of some scaffolding in some trees ….

Oh and I didn’t win the award at the DOdo fest …some good looking young actor in a wheelchair won it  – I think …but thanks for the votes.

Hi I need you all to please go and vote for me in the “Best Newcomer” in the NWDAF (NorthWest Disability arts Foundation) artist awards
it’s easy you go to:


choose my name and confirm your e mail address (so they know there’s only one vote a person)

I would really appreciate it and any little move for this project may result in an earthquake – so please help

R xx

any old freakery ….

catIt’s full moon and my chest is full of phlegm and pain. Not unsually there are a variety of waiflings lurking around needing food or advice or some such thing. I like it, but I am not on form and the cat gets the legal document and the singer gets a bowl of cat food – maybe thats actually the right way round. The other week I met these West Papuans they live in Oxford as exiles – I found out a whole lot of stuff about West Papua and the tyranny that goes on there. Puts a good perspective on your own indulgence when you hear about people having their relatives beaten to death in front of them and such like. I am still furiously entering the last freak show into film festivals in the hope that “that person” will see the film and take it to the people. I have just been waiting for a french girl to buy cigarettes in Brixton and now she’s inviting us to a gay party in London and the cat’s invited as well. So we are putting some more coal in the car and chugging to an inconsequential doom…

Fisch Musik

here’s a little blog I cut for the fish – the Berlin escapade – Supergrass seemed subdued but they love little fish and next there’s some news about West Papua…

gwI vanished into Ghostworld for a while. Ghostworld is where my mind sometimes lives and it makes communicating and recognising the “real” world very difficult, mostly because the “real”world seems spectral and fiercely cold. But anyway enough of my ramblings. The issue of MUD magazine should be out and full of stuff about the freak show movie – though I have not seen the mag yet. Calgary Underground film fest seem interested, which is fun because elk and geese have a right to see movies as well. The Fish are off on tour and I went and filmed them in Berlin. I met the West Papuan Government in Exile (they live in Oxford!) And it’s raining, a lot and lots and lots…..More tomorrow (rain and words that is)….and a video blog from Berlin

freaky trick ….

Heres a clip from the Last American Freak show – you should try this at home ….


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